Quality and Reliability

Quality Policy

Suzhou Legendsemi Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and constantly improving unique systems and processes, so as to meet the changing needs of customers. We actively establish the general quality control concept, focusing on prevention rather than detection. Our attention to technology, quality, reliability, service and cost has brought customers innovative solutions with lower overall cost.

Quality Assurance

It is always our goal to achieve "zero defects" in the shipped products. Without a firm commitment to product quality and reliability, as well as production management and business processes, our success will not last long.

Quality Certificate Certification

In the industry, Legendsemi brand is synonymous with high-quality and high-reliability products. The quality awards from countless customers in the global service market have repeatedly proved this point - some markets have higher quality and reliability requirements, such as industrial control, optical communication, medical treatment, energy and power supply and automotive electronics.