The LHR30xx is a family of low noise, low drift, very high precision voltage references. These references support both sinking and sourcing current and have excellent line and load regulation. Excellent temperature drift (3ppm/°C) and high accuracy (0.05%) are achieved using proprietary design techniques. These features, combined with extremely low noise, make the LHR30xx family ideal for high precision data acquisition systems. Each reference voltage has a high grade and a standard grade. The reference voltage is available in 8-pin SOP8L and MSOP8L packages and is specified over the –40°C to 125°C temperature range.

Product Features

• Low temperature drift:

– High grade: 3 ppm/°C (maximum)

– Standard grade: 8 ppm/°C (maximum)

• High accuracy:

– High grade: 0.05% (maximum)

– Standard grade: 0.1% (maximum)

• Low Noise: 1.5μVPP/V

• Excellent long-term stability:

– 50ppm/1000 hours (typical value) for the first 1000 hours (SOP8L)

– 2000 hours after 25ppm/1000 hours (typ.) (SOP8L)

• High Output Current: ±10mA

• Temperature range: –40°C to 125°C

Application Scenario

• 精密数据采集系统
• 半导体测试设备
• 工业过程控制
• 医疗仪器
• 压力和 温度变送器
• 实验室和现场仪表