New Release | LH32M0S30 integrated ARM ®Cortex®-M0 and 24-bit ADC high-performance MCU

New product introduction



Product description

A high-performance MCU integrating ARM® Cortex®-M0 and 24-bit ADC conforms to industrial standards and can realize high-precision measurement of various signals such as voltage, current, photoelectricity, temperature, and pressure.
Built-in 24-bit high-precision SD ADC, ENOB is 21.25@10hz&gain=64, temperature drift is typically 2ppm/℃, and integral nonlinearity (INL) is typically 5pmm, both linearity and temperature drift indicators are integrated in the signal chain MCU The field fills the gap in the country and greatly reduces the dependence on the temperature calibration algorithm. At the same time, LH32M0S30 is embedded with rich digital peripherals including LCD, LED, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM, DMA, etc., which greatly expands the various applications of LH32M0S30.


Product performance

● Kernel
- 32-bit ARM® Cortex® -M0 CPU
- Up to 32MHz operating frequency

● memory
- Maximum 128 Kbytes FLASH memory
- 4 Kbytes SRAM

● Clock module
- Internal 32MHz RC oscillator (HRC), typical accuracy ±1%
- Internal 32KHz RC oscillator (LRC), typical accuracy ±10%
- 32.768KHz Low Speed Crystal Oscillator (LXT)

● working environment
- VDD voltage: 2.2~3.6V
- VDDA voltage: 2.2~3.6V
- Temperature range: -40~105℃

● Power management
- Low-power modes: Sleep, Deep-sleep and Power-down modes
- Support power-on/power-down reset (POR/PDR)
- Supports low voltage detection (LVD)

● General purpose input and output
- 35 I/Os support up to 32MHz operating frequency
- Support for interrupt vectors

● High-precision analog-to-digital converter (Sigma-Delta ADC)
- 24 bit high precision Sigma-Delta ADC
- Support up to 8 external input channels
- Support single-ended, differential input
- 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128 times selectable gain
- Integral nonlinearity typical value (INL) 5ppm
- ADC channel temperature drift 2ppm/℃
- Output rate 8Hz~8kHz
   ENOB≥19.5bit@30sps, PGA=128
   ENOB≥15.4 bit@8ksps, PGA=128
- Hardware automatically switches ADC channels, automatically polls and reads ADC data, and interrupts to notify MCU or DMA
- Self-contained reference voltage, output 1.8/2.35/2.45/2.8V optional
- Integrated temperature sensor/supply voltage detection channel

● Digital Comparator
- Fast-response digital comparator

● LCD Driver
- Integrated 4 COM, 20 SEG configuration
- integrated charge pump

● LED Driver
- Maximum support for 7 x 8 segments

● Buzzer all the way

● 2 timers
- 4-way 16bit advanced control timer (TIM1), 6-channel PWM output with dead zone and complementary control
- 4-way 16bit general-purpose timer (TIM2), with PWM output

● Programmable constant current source
- 8mA, 10mA, 12mA, 20mA
- Support PWM control

● OLED color screen DMA acceleration module

● Serial Single Wire Debug (SWD)

● Packaging
- LQFP48(7mmx7mm)
- SSOP24(8.2mmx5.3mm)
- QFN48(6mmx6mm)


Case introduction

It is suitable for pressure transmitter, TC thermocouple temperature measurement, RTD temperature measurement, weighing and other application scenarios.


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